The 61th (2020) Quality Month Theme

Welcoming the Quality Month

Let us create new values and resilient organizational capabilities

Looking into the society these days, with various changes being observed, conventional ways to live and work are being requested to transform according to such changes. Needs being diversified, new products and services, and technology development to provide them are demanded, as well as collaboration across organizations, regions and countries are required in line with specialization of works and globalization. Along with increasing interest in safety and security urging to work on preventive activities, innovation on business model which can anticipate progress of information technology is requested. At the same time, human resources development and work system reform have become challenges to overcome under which an organization must play a role and fulfill its’ responsibilities as a member of the society.

In order for organizations to develop sustainably under these changes, resilient organizational capabilities to comply with, and give birth to changes have to be acquired and improved further. However, it is not easy as there are many people with various thoughts and sense of values, working at an organization. Quality management is an activity with total employee engagement in all departments including R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing, aftersales service and support functions, to improve and maintain their ways of work and operations. Taking a time of intensive changes into a turning point, it is important to create organizations and the society to be able to comply to, and shift dynamic to the changes by using the philosophy and methodologies of quality management.

With a slogan, “Let us create new values and resilient organizational capabilities”, a quality month this year can serve as an opportunity for many organizations and people within the society, to unite our passions together to work on quality management activities.

Dr. Takeshi Nakajo
Professor, Chuo University
Chair, the 60th Quality Month Committee

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